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Dear Patient – You’re Busted!!

February 2016

Recent research has shown that most Americans are not doing a simple activity that will keep their smiles looking beautiful, reduce cavities, prevent tooth loss and as many dentists and physicians now believe – significantly reduce the chance of heart disease and strokes.

Even though most of our patients swear they do this activity, according to The American Dental Association, more than 90% of Americans don’t. That simple activity? You guessed it – it’s flossing your teeth. And a quick and strenuous attempt to floss right before your dental visit doesn’t fool us! But please read on, because there is hope for everyone!!

Flossing is the best way to clean bacteria and debris from the spaces in between your teeth and underneath your gums. Left in place, that harmful film can cause cavities and gum disease, eating away at the bone that actually holds your teeth in place and causing your teeth to loosen and eventually be lost. Scarier yet – recent research has linked gum disease to heart disease and strokes. So don’t throw in the towel (or floss!) yet.

Any activity requires practice. You couldn’t drive without lessons and a few thousand miles on the road. You couldn’t type the first time you sat down at a keyboard. And though flossing is much easier than either of those activities, many people try it a few times and then frustratingly proclaim “I can’t floss!” Well with a little patience and practice you can! And some of the better flosses on the market (such as “Glide”) make it much easier than it was in the past.

At Fine Dentistry by Design, we really want you to keep your teeth the rest of your life and be as healthy as you possibly can. That definitely involves flossing every single day – and we know you can do it! Feel free to give us a call at 301-984-2200 and we will arrange for one of our fantastic hygienists, to give you a free flossing lesson. Or just ask during one of your regular cleaning appointments. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, and your beautiful smile will last a lifetime!