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Q1 - I don't like the color of my teeth. How can I change this?

One of my favorite things as a dentist is watching a patient's confidence level boost because they feel good about their smile. The easiest way to obtain a bright white smile is to undergo teeth bleaching. Before you get started, it is recommended to have your teeth examined by a dental professional to make sure the absence of gum infection and cavities. Come to see us and we will show you how!

Q2 - Why don't you use silver fillings (amalgams)?

Because I believe that composite filling materials with advanced bonding technology will improve the longevity and natural esthetics of teeth; something that silver fillings could never be able to accomplish. Placing dental amalgams in the current renaissance of dentistry would be like United Airlines buying a 1940 airplane and believing it will meet the expectations and demands of aviation today.

Q3 - What are dental implants? Do you offer dental implants?

Dental Implants are titanium posts that are placed in the bone under your gums to help replace your missing teeth. During healing, the bone grows around the implant. Later on, we can make crown (the replacement tooth) directly on top of the implant, or use the implants to secure bridges or dentures. Second best to a natural tooth, a dental implant is an amazing alternative to having no teeth, a removable denture, or fixed bridgework. Studies have shown that patients without teeth do not live as long as those who have teeth! When people lost teeth due to cavities, gum disease or trauma, we used to replace them with uncomfortable removable dentures or have to cut down healthy neighbor teeth to build a dental bridge. Dental implants improve quality of life through enhanced function and improved aesthetics.

Yes, we are so excited to provide this wonderful service to our patients! From surgical placement of dental implant to the final crown bridgework, or dentures, we take care of all your needs in our office.

Remember, in order to receive implants, you need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. You must also be committed to excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits as these are critical to the long-term success of dental implants. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implant!

Q4 - How often should I get my teeth cleaned and my mouth examined?

Regular visits to your dentist's office should include a minimum of 2 dental exams and cleanings a year. However, patients with periodontal disease should visit their dentist more often, in effort to restore the health of their gums. You will receive a summary of your dental health, along with a treatment plan from every examination.

Q5 - I am scared of going to the dentist, how would you treat someone like me?

Believe me, you are not alone. We have treated people like you in the past. I think the most important thing is to establish the trust between you and our team. When you trust us, you will be relaxed.

New technologies which include digital x-rays and Laser Dentistry have made a big impact on the comfort level of our patients, plus we offer laughing gas( Nitrous Oxide) and sedation dentistry if you desire. But little things matter too! We take time to use numbing gel before injection, we offer you sun glasses, and we listen to your personal needs!

Our team members try our best to provide you with a relaxed environment. Come and meet us today! You will be glad that you have found us.