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Someone You May Not Want To Visit During the Holidays

December 2015

Yes – holiday time is here, but let’s face it – an emergency trip to the dentist is probably something you don’t want to put on your calendar. But believe it or not, this time of year presents some special opportunities for dental problems! Here’s how to avoid them:

1. You are not The Nutcracker!

While you may want to go see a local production of this Tchaikovsky classic, remember that your teeth are not for shelling nuts. Those chestnuts roasting on an open fire are meant to be cracked by a nutcracker, not your pearly whites.

2. Slow down!!

It may be tempting to tear open that gift or cut a ribbon with your teeth. But slow down! Give your mouth a gift and use scissors to open those presents. And bottle caps? Forget it, unless you want to share that drink with your dental team.

3. Things can get sticky!

It’s pretty likely that in the next few weeks someone will tempt you with chewy candies, caramels, taffy and the like. But since they can stick to your enamel, causing tooth decay – or help rip out existing dental repairs, your best bet is to pass.

4. Yum, yum, ouch!

Just as bad as a sticky treat is chewing on hard candies or ice. These are often the cause of tooth fractures, which can lead to crowns, root canals, and all kinds of dental situations that you would probably rather avoid. Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you!!

5. …and one more thing!

The holidays can be stressful, but if that leads to nail biting or jaw clenching, you are putting your teeth at risk. This can lead to jaw problems, tooth sensitivity, facial pain and fractures. So take a deep breath, and don’t let your holiday stress lead to dental stress!

Pay close attention to this list and we will put you on our “nice” list. But should you have any dental problems or questions during the holiday season or any time of year, please remember that at Fine Dentistry by Design we are here for you! Please give us a call at 301-984-2200.